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A few fun suggestions if you're feeling "board"...

If you have read the employees bios, then you know one of Shelby’s favorite things is playing board games. Now is the perfect time to hop on the board game train and spend some quality family time. When looking for board games she likes to look for 3 main characteristics, funny, brainy, and easy to learn! After much research, she has put together a list of 3 board games that are sure to keep you entertained all while social distancing. Maybe you could even convince your friends to purchase the game, hop on a Zoom call, and play “together” during these, shall we say, interesting times.

One thing is for certain, not being able to sit around a table with your closest friends and family at this time can be trying, but being able to bring back memories and participate in the things that brought laughter and comfort can be such a reassuring feeling. So, rest easy, and get a self-distancing party started with the tree themed board game recommendations below:

Kid Based (but great for all ages!) – Enchanted Forest – A game of hidden treasures, memory, and a race against other players. Work your way around the board, peek at treasures hidden within trees, and try to memorize the location. (We feel that most trees are treasures, but we might be a little biased) https://www.bellalunatoys.com/products/enchanted-forest-game-ravensburger-1300

Family Fun – Topiary – End goal? To have the best and most viewed landscape in all the land. We at Tree Top also feel this should be a goal in real life. Do you have what it takes? https://www.renegadegamestudios.com/topiary

Adult – Photosynthesis – This game makes the science of growing trees fun. Follow the sun, get the most sun, grow the biggest trees. (Just make sure you have a good health plan for all those trees you’ll be growing!) https://www.hauntedgamecafe.com/photosynthesis/ (HEY LOOK YOU CAN BUY IT LOCAL!!)