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Dreaming of a National Park Vacation!

Now more than ever, a few of us have the travel bug here at Tree Top. (You always want what you can't have!) So in our spare time we are desert dreaming, missing our mountains, and dream vacation planning!

The first place Shelby plans on hitting the dusty trail to; Joshua Tree National Park.

Did you know a Joshua tree isn't an actual tree? It is a species of a yucca plant. It gets the tree nickname due to its tree like habits.

Why Joshua Tree? Besides for it being such a unique area, the hiking trails have caught Shelby’s attention. There are many around the area, but after some research the Skull Rock Natural Area and Arch Rock Trail are the trails of her choice. She is also very interested in the Cholla Cactus Garden, these plants are also called the "teddy bear cactus" because they are cute for plants!

Shelby has always been a cactus lover, so this is one of her top vacation spots. She says she can’t wait for the day she gets to stand in front of a Joshua tree to take a picture!

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