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Let's take a tree trip around the world!

You could say we are a little tree obsessed here at Tree Top, especially with all the unique and interesting species of trees around the world. We have gathered our favorite 4 species to bring you some interesting fun facts about them!

1. The Dragon's Blood Tree - Socotra, Yemen

- It is called the Dragon’s Blood Tree because the sap of the tree is a red color

- It is a species of Evergreen

- It produces berries which in turn helps feed the livestock of the area

2. Baobob Tree - Africa, Madagascar, Arabia, and Australia

- It is also known as “The Tree of Life”

- It produces a berry that feeds many different animals as well as humans

- The oldest one is 1,060 years old and lives in Africa (give or take 75 years)

3. Dark Hedges (Beech Trees) - Ireland

- It originated in the 18th Century, planted by the Stuart Family

- It was featured in the popular series, Game of Thrones

- It first consisted of 150 trees, now only about 90 remain

4. Rainbow Eucalyptus - Hawaii

- It is the only eucalyptus tree indigenous to the northern hemisphere

- It can grow up to 250 feet in its native environment

- Its pulpwood is used to make plain white paper (yes, even with all that color!)

Below are some YouTube videos of these interesting and unique trees! Which one is your favorite?