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We think nature should be called NEATure!

Did you know that being in nature can boost your mood and immune system? This could be why we love being outside, and of course, working with trees! We are lucky to benefit from being outside daily, but we know our customers do not always get the opportunity. We decided to help you beat the indoor blues by compiling a list of our 3 favorite natural areas in Fort Collins. Get up, out, and happy by getting out in nature!

Pineridge Natural Area - This area is great for all levels of hiking. We love it because it provides many views; city, reservoir, and our favorite, the forest.

Cottonwood Hollow Natural Area - This area has 39 natural ponds and 278 acres of open water on the Poudre River. With its wet habitat, you’ll find pleasure in bird viewing, and you may even see some other wildlife in the area.

Mallards Natural Area - This area is great for….that’s right, you guessed it, duck watching! (But remember, just watching, no feeding, we want the ducks to stay wild) There may not be a lot of hiking, biking, or fishing in the area, but there is a lot of great relaxing with the quiet “quack” of a duck and the lull of the nearby creeks.