Shelby is our customer support specialist. She has no previous experience in the tree care industry, but one thing she does have is 10+ years in customer service. With her previous experience she was able to easily transition into the industry.

Shelby started her customer service journey when she was in high school, she worked her first and favorite job at Mary’s Mountain Cookies. She has been with Tree Top since June of 2019.

Shelby was born and raised in Colorado, she grew up in Laporte, but now resides in Wellington. Shelby and her long term boyfriend, Jordan, have a “small herd” of chickens, and 2 naughty barn cats. If you don’t see Shelby around the town of Wellington, you can usually find her spending time in Wyoming. There she spends time at Jordan’s family cabin, where she enjoys cheering on the Nebraska Huskers. Other then Wyoming, Shelby said her favorite place to be is wherever her family is. (oh, and on the beach in Mexico!)


What does Shelby like? – any and all tacos, spending time with family, and board/card games

What does Shelby dislike? – being late/people being late, people who drive in the pass/fast lane, and disgusting snakes