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Anna grew up in New Mexico, where trees are small and sparse. There were some aspen trees in her yard where she loved to sit and listen to the leaves rustle in the wind. The aspen was her first love.


Not far from her home was possibly the only tree around large enough to climb. When she wanted to think, she went there to find solitude and rest in its branches. Always, the trees on mountain paths beckon to her.


For a time she lived in Georgia, which deepened her admiration of trees. That was where she discovered the dogwood in all its spring glory. Since moving to Colorado, She is in awe of the Autumn Purple Ash particularly when it is aflame in the fall.

She completed her bachelor’s degree in psychology and moved to Colorado. She helped her husband, James, with the administration of running a business, and in 2018 became the president of Tree Top. Currently she is studying to become a certified arborist.

In her spare time, Anna enjoys the Colorado outdoors: camping, archery, hiking, fly fishing, biking, and soaking in the sun. She also plays guitar and sings, cooks a new recipe nearly every night, and studies personal and professional development books. s.

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