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Tree trimming, pruning, removals, and stump grinding. All tree services are specific to each species of tree and its ability to maintain health. All tree services are performed according to industry standards and procedures. 

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Tree Removal: removal of the tree with cleanup (any debris will be removed unless otherwise noted)

Stump grinding: grinding tree stump out of ground. Surface roots will also be ground down and grinding will be back-filled into the hole.

Option: Hauling logs, chip brush or cutting logs into firewood

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Canopy thinning: selectively removing dead, dying, diseased branches, weak branches, and water sprouts

Canopy raising: removing limbs to provide clearance from the ground or a nearby structure

Crown reduction: decreasing the height or spread of the tree  

Hazardous/Storm damage: removing branches that pose a danger to people or property, or branches damaged by a storm 

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Consultation: an in-person meeting with a certified arborist to answer questions and diagnose the problem

Brush Chipping
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Chipping Brush: running all branches from removals or pre-existing brush piles through a chipper. Brush chippings can be hauled away or dumped to be used as mulch

Tree Planting
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Tree Purchase: to give the best plant quality possible, we can help you choose and purchase which tree is best for you

Tree Installation: properly installing trees is crucial to their health. Our tree care employees are taught how to correctly plant trees

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Tree Removal: full removal of the tree with cleanup services (any debris will be removed from premises unless otherwise noted)

Stump Grinding: grinding the tree stump out of the ground with the use of a stump grinder. Surface roots will also be ground down and grinding will be back-filled into the hole

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Tree Topping- Tree Top does not top trees. This is a frowned-upon practice in the tree industry that is a proven way to send any tree into decline. We will not trim the canopy of a tree more than the industry standard. 

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Underground utilities- Underground utilities are items such as septic tanks or files, invisible/electric fences, sprinkler systems, buries phone, electric, gas, or cable TV lines. We will request locates on all city-owned utilities, however, private utilities will not be located.

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