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  • Canopy Thinning or Cleaning- Selectively removing dead, dying, diseased branches, weak branches, and water sprouts.


  • Canopy Raising or Elevating- Removing lower branches to provide clearance from the ground or a nearby structure.

  • Crown Reduction or Shaping- Decreasing the actual height or spread of a tree. Reduction and shaping are specific to each  species of tree and its ability to sustain this type of pruning.

  • Hazardous  or Storm Damage Pruning– Removing only branches that are decayed or declining, and are posing imminent danger. An example may be a tree with many dead branches over a park bench or walkway or a tree damaged in a storm.

  • Tree Removal with Stump Cut Low- Full removal of the tree, leaving the stump cut as low as reasonably possible without damage to our equipment. Logs, chips and other debris will be removed from the premises unless otherwise noted. 

  • Tree Removal with Stump Grinding- Full removal of the tree, the stump of the tree will be ground approximately 12 inches below the surface. Surface roots within 3ft of the stump will also be ground down. All grindings will be back-filled into the hole where the tree used to be unless otherwise noted.

  • Option to Leave Wood on Site or Cut into Firewood Lengths- You can request the logs to be relocated to a specific location on the property and/or cut to firewood length. 

  • Tree Topping- Tree Top does not top trees. This frowned upon practice in the tree industry is a proven way to send a tree into decline. We will not trim the canopy of a tree more than the industry standard.

  • Underground Utilities- Underground utilities are items such as septic tanks or fields, invisible/electric fences, sprinkler systems, buried phone, electric, gas, or cable TV lines. We provide locates on all city services, however, customers are required to mark any underground utilities not covered by the city.