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In order to help you and your trees in the best way we can, we are TCIA accredited. This certification requires that our company follows a specific list of actions such as; ethical business practices, customer satisfaction, employee training, and compliance with federal and state regulations. 



Strong relationships are built on trust


To have integrity is to be honest and stay true to values


We succeed as a team

We includes Me


A balanced life brings fulfillment

We work hard to live well


We can do hard things 

We don't quit when it gets tough

Why hire an accredited company?


By hiring an accredited company like Tree Top, you will receive the best quality work possible.

As professionals, you can expect the highest level of care from Tree Top. We care about your satisfaction. By using our service, you are saving yourself unnecessary costly mistakes and complaints. 

Your landscape adds high value to the overall worth of your property and should not be overlooked. Having a well-maintained and taken care of benefits you greatly. 

We put the safety of our employees and customers first. From removals to using equipment, trees can be dangerous. All Tree Top employees are trained to work efficiently and safely. These kinds of precautions prevent possible liabilities on the job. 


Tree Top Adheres to Best Industry Practices

Local Tree Company Gains 3 Year Industry Accreditation

Tree Top, Plant Health Management, a commercial and residential tree care company located in Wellington recently became accredited in accordance with tree care company Accreditation standards put forth by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), the trade association for commercial tree care companies.

TCIA Accreditation is the only program of its kind in the tree care industry. It is a voluntary process evaluating businesses to ensure that professional practices and standards are met by all employees that work on a homeowner’s property. When a homeowner hires an accredited tree care company, they can rest assured that this organization has been checked for proper insurance, applicable licenses, reliable and ethical customer service practices, and meets strict operating standards. A key objective for Accreditation is to help companies provide the highest levels of service to homeowners.

To achieve business Accreditation, tree care companies undergo an extensive review of professional practices aimed at safeguarding homeowners, including:

  • Consumer satisfaction

  • Best business practices

  • Formal employee training

  • Compliance with industry standards

  • Adherence to safety and quality standards

  • Insurance coverage

As a measure of protection to homeowners, businesses undergo renewal check-ups annually. The annual renewal ensures that the company continues to employ trained professionals, is still properly insured and has a good safety and consumer satisfaction rating. Accredited tree care companies must also re-apply every three years so that their practices can be reviewed and the continuation of best business practices can be verified.

The 3-year Accreditation achievement demonstrates that Tree Top has undergone and extensive review of practices as well as a site visit, and adheres to all accredidition standards.


Media Contact: 

Randi Grady
Tree Top, Inc
6556 Buttercup Dr, Unit 1, Wellington CO 80549

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