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Customer Reviews


Jody S.

Several years ago we bought some

Ball & Burlap spruce from a farm near Fort Collins. They were a greenish yellow in color. They struggled after transplanting and began to lose their needles. We brought in Tree Top to provide fertilizer and essential nutrients. After the first treatment, they burst forth with tip growth and  blue!  With the next treatment, they  became transformed. They are now a full, glowing blue and growth is coming from branches I thought were dead, as well as the trunk. Thanks Tree Top! 

Lauren S.

I appreciate the time taken to trim our trees in the specific way we wanted. They were very professional and helpful in helping me understand why some cuts should be done, and why others might harm the tree in the long run. They took their time, in the midst of approaching rain, to make sue I was happy with the results. Their diligence, professional and personable traits make us very happy with our choice to use Tree Top Inc as our Plant Health Managment company.

Sharon N.

I wanted to thank Tree Top. We are so very pleased with the entire team, and the personal relationship we feel we've established with you. We used [another tree company] for many years and really didn't realize how leacking in professionalism and attention-to-detail they were. Our trees are important to us, and having your team on our team has been awesome. 

Fred N.

The two gentlemen that did the treatment were very courteous, nicely dressed, very professional. It's nice to see young men like that representing not only your company but for themselves too.

Jane C.

A special thanks to Pedro and James and the crew for the exceptionally fine job they did. They were so careful, and when they were done, it was so clean it was as if they hadn't even been there. And the tree was in the middle of a closely "landscaped area".

Rene M. 

The staff is professional, knowledgeable, and dependable on all tree health care issues. Tree Top has helped our community with a Plant Health Care program that is manageable within our HOA budget. If you need a great company to work with, they are at the TOP!

Nancy O. 

We could not recommend them more highly; professional and very fair prices. Plus, nice people who clean up completely when the job is done. The best we have ever had. 

Charles H.

They got a lot of work done in a short amount of time. It helps when you have great equipment and it is equally important to have a well trained, highly motivated, and goal-oriented workforce. And that's what I saw.  

Linda D. 

The place looks amazing and so much better. I think the trees are happier too.


Thank you to everyone who has left us a review. Your words are very appreciated! These reviews help us grow our business and build stronger trust with each customer. We hope we can continue to serve you. 

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