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James Knotts was born in east Texas, and grew up in the rural mountains of Colorado, but he lived for a few years in cities of Brazil bordering the rainforest. He was fascinated with trees since he was young.


Being surrounded by an abundance of trees created a passion for nature. He felt that his line of work would involve caring for trees. At the time he knew very little about what that could look like. He was drawn to nature, which led to his career in urban forestry. He sought out opportunities to work with a variety of tree services in Colorado and adjoining states. James was intent to learn everything he could that would develop himself into a skilled tradesman and a professional arborist.

With his own effort, initiative, and expense, he studied and became a Certified Arborist, then a Qualified Supervisor so that he had the knowledge and proficiency to help trees thrive.
He graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Natural Resource Management, specializing in Plant Health, during his first years running a tree service.


After graduating, he began building a company from his small proprietorship that continues to promote educating and developing skilled tradesmen and arborists. James enjoys cultivating an appreciation for the value of trees in communities and their proper care from the ground up. He wants to extend his passion to those in the Front Range.

His favorite tree is the sassafras tree, but locally, he likes the Russian Hawthorne, honeylocust, and American elm.
James also enjoys spending time with his family and hound-dogs, wildlife sketching, wildlife photography, camping, outdoor cooking, hunting, fishing, packing with mules, archery, long-range shooting, reloading, and working with tools.

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