Kelly is our customer support specialist. She answers the phone and works hard to take good care of our customers! 


Kelly has found a passion for working with small businesses after she finished working at an animal clinic and another family-owned concrete company! She enjoys being part of a team that contributes to making everyone in the group successful. 


Despite being born in Florida, Kelly felt drawn to mountains and knew she must go near them. She lived in North Carolina until eventually Kelly and her family wanted to try the Rockies and have been living here happily since 2018!  Kelly and her family love the town of Wellington and hope to stay there forever.


With three kids and two dogs, her life is crazy and hectic but she wouldn't have it any other way. 

In her free time, Kelly likes to spend time outside; hiking, exploring new trails, skiing, and riding bikes with her family!

Her favorite food is pasta, she LOVES dogs but has a great appreciation for all animals no matter how weird or ugly. 


Kelly's interest in science and nature and how things work makes her excited to learn as much as she can about trees and plants!