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Why Winter Water Your Trees?

All trees need water in the winter, but evergreens and at risk trees need it most. Since most irrigation systems are off in the winter, trees cannot find adequate water in the soil. Unfortunately, snowfall and water applied to the surface do not provide enough water to the deeper roots.

To ensure trees are getting the proper amount of water in these colder months, we offer winter watering services. Our probes deliver water directly to the trees root zones and aerates the surrounding soil in the process. The process helps promote root growth and tree health.


What it is:

-Water applied to the root zone of trees in periods of drought during winter months.


-Most irrigation systems are off during the winter and trees cannot find adequate water in the soil, causing tip die-back and weak flushing in the spring.

-Snowfall is almost never adequate for a landscape tree that receives supplemental water during the growing season.

-Any water applied to the surface is almost immediately used by shallow-rooted competitors such as grass and weeds.

-Trees that have available water are far more capable of withstanding cold and freezing temperatures, by about as much as 20 degrees. For example, a tree hardy 0 degrees Fahrenheit could suffer freeze damage and die-back at 20 degrees Fahrenheit if its dry.


-We deliver the water directly to the trees roots using probes at pressures of 100 to 200 PSI, which also aerates the soil in the root zone and allows for oxygenation and root growth.


-Services start typically in November and carry on through March.

-For best results, water should be delivered monthly. However, "Charging the soil for winter" can also be effective and fit into any budget.


-All trees need water in the winter, but especially evergreens, new transplants, young trees, stressed trees, non-irrigated trees, trees in highly exposed sites, trees in rock mulch, etc.

Pricing and Rates:

-$1.00/gallon with an $80.00 minimum

-2 gallons per inch of diameter


-We can add a wetting agent that helps with water retention and dispersal for an extra $0.50/gallon.

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